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We are а team of highly experienced programmers who put their heart and soul into everything that they do. To be successful in our work, we rely on constant innovation, a diverse set of technical skills and our desire to surpass our previous achievements every time. Each one of us has unique talents and creative ideas. When we combine them, the result is phenomenal. There is productive cooperation, excellent communication and mutual support within our team . We know no boundaries or constraints. With a shared vision and clear goals, we move forward, grow and get ever better. This is how we create winning solutions for you - our customers!

Since 2012, our team has completed hundreds of digital projects with each one being absolutely unique and producing high measurable results. No matter whether we are building a mobile app, a website or an online store, our main goal is to give our client’s company a new profit-generating long-term asset. We use a proven formula for success. It includes excellent communication with the customer, original ideas, innovation and the building of a partnership for achieving growth over the long run. Thanks to our individual approach to each client, creative flair and perfect project execution, we have become a major business partner for a large number of companies in Bulgaria, USA, UK and Germany, with many of them being market leaders.

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We take pride in what we do, always valuing the whole person–at work and in life.


Be part of a team where you can learn, grow and thrive.